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BDO Deposit

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Important notes:
BDO has several branches nationwide. This is the easiest way of doing it.
NO AGE REQUIREMENT to enter banks, NO NEED TO HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT and NO NEED FOR A CREDIT CARD, just walk-in with the cash.
BDO will charge 50PhP for the transaction.
BANK HOURS: Mon - Fri 10am to 3pm except on holidays.

1) Go to any BDO Branch and ask the guard where the deposit slips are located. Fill up a DEPOSIT SLIP usually found at the waiting area.

2) Write these important details on the DEPOSIT SLIP on where to DEPOSIT/SEND the money then sign at the bottom:

Account Name: Karen Cabejo
Account Number : 004920190363

3) Give the filled-up DEPOSIT SLIP and the CASH to the teller/counter and say you will "deposit". Your deposit slip will then be validated, stamped and will be given back to you. Get it then go home. That simple!

4) Your validated DEPOSIT SLIP is your proof that you have sent/deposited money so don't lose it. Have your validated DEPOSIT SLIP scanned, As an alternative, you may also just take a picture of your DEPOSIT SLIP via webcam or mobile phone but be sure bank validations are readable.

5) Send the scan/picture Remittance Receipt file to: admin@legendary-ro.net  via EMAIL or Facebook for me to be informed then verify your donation sent.

Write these information as well in your EMAIL :

Sender’s Real Full Name :
Your MAIN Character Name : (EXACT, careful of the "L" & "i" also capital & small letters)
Amount sent :
Date sent :

The processing of your donation will begin once the email is received. Our verification with Remittance of your money transfer/donation will normally take only a few minutes.

We update this online and/or via phone call. Kindly give us some time for quick verification and processing.

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