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7/11 Store

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You can donate any 7/11 store locate at your area
Please download and install the CLIQQ by 7-Eleven in your Play Store or App Store

26103146_1983809778609845_2104552408_n.thumb.png.450f06923e14e45be986093aac552ac0.png   26102747_1983809668609856_1857076575_n.thumb.png.9d10c778674b68fe7e14751db8c977e8.png26174706_1983809825276507_532698710_n.thumb.png.b35549a74f07dd9733476c4a3ace31fa.png   26175002_1983809805276509_1304718894_n.thumb.png.01255418e6bf2c944b46b53901e68498.png
Open the application "CLIQQ" Sign Up / Sign via Mobile, enter your mobile # and wait for verification code to send in your mobile # and check the I Agree to login

26133395_1983809661943190_5647531_n.thumb.png.130b5339532ef687e223a73a8514456b.png   26174997_1983809818609841_173343407_n.thumb.png.1df39030bd2706e2668da5e83b810f68.png

26105487_1983809795276510_1106329376_n.thumb.png.ae8a6c3c05dc4293ad60ec00062cce3e.png   26175173_1983809741943182_357217505_n.thumb.png.79be23eabc74515b046024ab0dc859ef.png

Once you login click Add e-Money and wait update the product

26133409_1983809761943180_1156210608_n.thumb.png.00c9e9da7c757bd2347832d7e01f391a.png  26133408_1983809711943185_2005464325_n.thumb.png.2c0b3556e242e50849b044137c6fc720.png

Click PayMaya




Enter this mobile #: 09391055003 and the amount

Then review the # make sure put this # ( 09391055003 ) and click Confirm

26105436_1983809808609842_571174225_n.thumb.png.01a42f625c998c9c0be9596b00bf4581.png   26105336_1983809775276512_2128954551_n.thumb.png.d828b0ea36d089576e41d7cfb154acff.png



Present to 7/11 cashier and pay amount due

Send the scan/picture Receipt of 7/11  file to: admin@legendary-ro.net  via EMAIL or Facebook for me to be informed then verify your donation sent. Write these information as well in your EMAIL :

  • Email Subject: PayMaya Donation
  • Real Full Name of Sender in the receipt :
  • Your MAIN Character Name :   careful of the "L" and "i" also case sensitive
  • Amount sent:
  • Date sent:

The processing of your donation will begin once the email is received. Our verification with Remittance of your money transfer/donation will normally take only a few minutes.

We update this online and/or via phone call. Kindly give us some time for quick verification and processing.


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