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Remember that you can always send in US Dollars or Philippine Peso even if your funding source is of a different currency.
Don't forget to also put your MAIN CHARACTER NAME in the "MESSAGE BOX" (only if available) found after clicking (5) "Continue".
Finalize the transaction. You will then be given by Paypal an online receipt as well as an email receipt of the transaction you just made.
 Your online receipt is your proof that you have sent money. Be sure to save it (Print screen or Save as). Send me a copy of it through EMAIL at admin@legendary-ro.net or Facebook This is for me to be notified of the donation you just made and start to verify online of your Paypal Donation. Also please include the following info with your EMAIL:/Facebook


  • Paypal Receiver:  admin@legendary-ro.net
  • Send as "Send money to friends and family"

Email Subject: Paypal Donation
Sender’s Real Full Name :
Name in Paypal Account :
Your MAIN Character Name :
(EXACT, careful of the "L" & "i" also capital & small letters)
Amount sent :

The processing of your donation will begin once the email is received. Our verification with Remittance of your money transfer/donation will normally take only a few minutes.

We update this online and/or via phone call. Kindly give us some time for quick verification and processing.

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