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Training Ground and Job Changer Guide

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Dear Adventurers!
Here's a quick and easy Guide for:
Training Ground
Job Changer

1. After loading in-game, talk to Shion 2x to level up.


2. You can already see our Freebies NPC talk to him to claim your freebies.


3. After talking to our Freebies NPC, he will warp you inside the Castle. Talk to the Receptionist
Simple put your In-Game Name then click OK. After that Just keep talking to him he will provide you items to grind your level later, and talking to him you'll gain EXP too.


4. After talking to the Receptionist he will warp you to another room. From here you'll just have to talk to The Helper at the left side, and to the Entrance Guard to the right side. Then the Guard will warp you to a field to grind more exp. You need 10+ base level and 10 job level.


5. After you reach lv10/10 talk to Hanson at the upper mid of the field. He will warp you inside.

6. Inside the room you can see Bruce, first talk to Bruce, and tell what job you want. After that Talk to the Test Examiner he will determine what job you are fit in. ( Don't worry after talking to him he will warp you to what job you wanted ) Take note that you can still choose what job you want.

For more info about Job Change you can have a look at this website http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000

Please take note that you don't have to do the QUESTS to change your job. Just simply talk to your Job Changer and it will instantly change you to want Job you want!

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