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  1. Can't get the game to start :(

    run as admin, check compatibilty( right click, properties, compatibility check run in windows 8 and run as admin )
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  3. WOE white & blue pots weight

    I have played in woe servers that has zero weight potions, but we still die( it also has autopots and auto hot keys). I can confidently say that no pally and lk will be immortal. Special with this kind of server(gepard 2.0 protected). If you want proof that everyone is killable with zero weight I have woe videos with different servers. Also many of GvG oriented guilds will like this setting, trust me.
  4. WoE Dry Run Second Edition

    Love this
  5. can we reduce the weight to 1 or zero?, its taking too much weight.
  6. Why are these items are untradable?
  7. Server Update 01-07-2018

    WP, any update on upcoming woe? is it going to be FE or SE? if its SE MLVT will play.
  8. WOE sched?

    btw is it Second edition woe or first edition woe? please make it Second edition. we will rec. vid to help advertise the server. *

    Happy Hour in battle ground to encourage players to play battleground. 8 to 10 or 9 to 11. also request for BOG ( Box of Gloom ) to be included in BG supply list.
  10. WOE sched?

  11. WOE sched?

    When are going to have war of emperium?
  12. @refresh command

    thank you.
  13. Any Suggestions?

    Cool, thanks. May I ask why it needs to have 3 to 5 sec delay?