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  1. Tracking NPC of LegendaryRO

    Additional NPC updates SLOT JACKPOT NPC - Npc located at /navi prontera 96/63. CARD TRADER NPC - Npc located at /navi prontera 99/76. CARD TRADER NPC - Npc located at /navi prontera 99/80.
  2. Hi! New with questions

    Hello welcome to legendary! as for your questions: We are using official job change quest. And for trans it is still official but the fee is just 1 zenny. You may whisper at #main to speak globally All npc are deployed at lower left NPC. Check here for ore information: .
  3. Hello!

    Hi POTATO welcome to LegendaryRO!
  4. 7 vs 7 Tournament

    7 ⚔️ 7 Tournament 📣January 14, 2018 - 21:30 server time (9:30pm)📣 🚫Rules ️1️⃣ No job repetitions. Clown and Gypsy are classified as one job. 2️⃣ Each team must have 7 players to participate,lacking a members will result to disqualification. 3️⃣ All 7 players must be in the same guild with a visible emblem. ️️️4️⃣ No side buff. Upon recall you will be debuffed. 5️⃣ Assumption, Linker skill, Cloaking, Backslide and Body relocation are strictly prohibited. ️️6️⃣ Need at least 4 registered team to start the match. 7️⃣ The line-up may not be modified after the game starts. ️️8️⃣ We will be using random.org to matched up each team. ️9️⃣ Every round will be a best of 3. The championship round will be a best of 5. 🔟 Prizes will be depending in the number of participants. 🎊 Prizes 🎊 (Will be given to the Team Leader through Event reward npc which will be broadcast upon receiving the reward ) ✨ 7x Costume Panda hat ✨ 10x Proof of Donation ✨ 30x Mitril coin ✨ 100x Elite Siege Box ✨ 100x Bravery Badge 📝To Register please follow the format below Team Name / Guild name Team Leader - Job Team Member I - Job Team Member II - Job Team Member II - Job Team Member IV - Job Team Member V - Job Team Member VI - Job
  5. Server Update 01-07-2018

    We will be having a woe dry run at January 20 second edition woe.
  6. 📣Announcement Players!📣 We will be implementing the list below tomorrow. ✍️ 👜 A new usable items, costume and Headgear equipment will be added at our vote shop and reward shop. and +10 stats food and below will not gone when you die 👒 A new rental items will be added in vote and reward shop. 💎 Also PVP points system, 1️⃣️️ badge every 2️⃣ random kills only level 95 and above are qualified to receive a reward. ☠️ Consecutive kills in the same person will be not counted and has a chance that you won't receive a badge. 🏆 PVP ladder NPC NEW event will be hosted by the GM's 3 vs 3 7 vs 7 Guild vs Guild So players gear up your character and prepare your selves for the upcoming events and update! #HOTUPDATE🔥
  7. Hi all [:

    Welcome aboard!
  8. Hello players! For those who still having a hard time finding our NPC or to our new incoming players here are some guide and tips on how you could locate them. TELMA - A npc exchanger for bravery badges you may use /navi prontera 105/95 to locate her. LEGENDARY QUEST ITEM- A npc that offers quest items and quest costume item. you may locate him @ /navi prontera 123/95 VoteForPoints - You may locate him @ /navi prontera 111/99 HUNTINH MISSION NPC - located at /navi prontera 104/66 DAILY LUCKY SPINNER - located at /navi prontera 127/62 Dice Warper / Poring Catcher - located at /navi prontera 124/77 REWARD VIEWER NPC- Npc located at /navi prontera 109/96 near telma npc
  9. @hominfo

    Thank you mark, Agreed and already implemented.
  10. Race to 99/70 Event

    Congratulations to those who reach 99/70 faster than anyone!. We have 1 slot left for Professor / Scholar.
  11. Character Stuck Payon Town

    Have you tried to close the client and relog?
  12. MVP Announcer

    Aside from tomb. There should also MVP Announcer which after an MVP was killed it will announce and could be seen by anyone. What do think guys?
  13. Any Suggestions?

    Hello marion, Yes. we will be doing that. Thank you.
  14. Any Suggestions?

    Greetings Mark! We will be discussing this with the team.
  15. PK on MVP maps?

    What does others have to say about this?