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  1. 7 vs 7 Tournament

    Team Name "7kmmr" / Guild name "7k MMR" Team Leader "itzEric" - Professor Team Member "Genos" I - Creator Team Member II "Sunder Ford"- Clown Team Member II "SexyChix"- High wizzard Team Member IV "7k MMR v2"- Paladin Team Member V "Arogante" - High Priest Team Member VI "Richard" - Sniper
  2. Guild Package

    Guild Name: Wellvin Fans Club Guild Leader's Name: Error Guild Leader's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eric.virrey Members Count: 18 Screenshot of your guild showing all members are level 70 and up Screenshot of your guild showing your guild's in level 12 and up A group screenshot of your guild in game. Do you know each member personally? Or you just randomly invite them in game?: YES/NO + explanation. Yes, I some of the players are my guildmates in ********************************** and some are friends in other Ragnarok Private Servers.
  3. Race to 99/70 Event

    IGN itzEric Professor 12/24/2017 2:51:56