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  1. Hey!

    Welcome aboard Sir Patatepon!
  2. Im just gonna leave this here.

    Only admin has the command to generate an item, GMs do not have an option to make any trade.
  3. Hello LegRO, Here's a quick guide how Treasure Hunt event work. Schedules are 4am, 10am, 4pm and 10pm. (GMT+8 PH time) Treasure hunt will be announced in what town the event will be held. You have to find and destroy treasure boxes as many as you can. Each treasure box has a prize, some are rare and some are supplies. If other player destroyed a treasure box, it will be announce.
  4. Hello LegRO, Here's a quick guide how Poring Summon event work. Schedule of the event are 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm. (GMT+8 PH time) Poring summoner will announce on what town the event will be held. 150 normal poring will be summoned which you will get none. 30 special poring will be summoned that has 2 pcs of ESB each.
  5. Hello LegRO, Here's a quick guide how poring catcher work. Schedule of the events are 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm. (GMT+8 PH time) Automated system will call out participant for the Poring Catcher event, warper will be located in Prontera City 123/77. Once you click on the warper it will send you to a different map where the event will be held. Call time will last for 3 minutes, once done the warper will close the gate. What you have to do is to find and kill the poring monster that named '' Poring ''. If you kill the wrong monster you will be warp back to town. Who ever kills it, wins the prize.
  6. Hello LegRO Here is a quick guide how Poring Bomb event works. Schedules are 5am, 11am, 5pm and 11pm. (GMT +8 PH time) Poring event will call out participant who wishes to join the event, NPC warper will be located in lower left part of the city 123/77. Once ready, the event will automatically summons Poring bomb that you have to avoid to stay alive. Numbers of Poring bomb summoned will increase per round until the last player survive, If you survive you will get a prize and you can claim it on the NPC that will pop up on the middle.
  7. Hello LegRO, Here is a short guide for Hide and Seek event. Schedules are 1am, 7am, 1pm and 7pm. (GMT +8 PH time) Automated system will call out when schedule is up. It will tell you what town it will be held. You will asked to find the NPC in the town, first to find the Hide and Seek NPC wins. Prize is 5 pcs of Free Elite Siege Supply Box. It will be 10 rounds per scheduled time. If no one wins, it will proceed with the next round.
  8. Here is a short guide for the Dice event. Dice Event Schedules are 12AM 06AM 12PM 06PM. Server will automatically announce the event. 1st thing you need to do is to locate the Event NPC in prontera. It is located at the lower left of Prontera city 123/78. Once you click on the Dice event warper it will send you straight to another map where Dice event will be held. Once the dice event done with calling participant it will close automatically. (call time last for 3 minutes) Then portals will be open for the number that you can select. Event will automatically select a random number. If your number will not be pick you will be warp back to prontera town. If you win, you may claim your prize when you stepped outside the winning number.
  9. "Consecutive" Play timer

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will consult our admins and GM's and we'll keep you posted.
  10. Stat and Skill Reset NPC

    You can get the Magical stone by earning log in time points.
  11. Stat and Skill Reset NPC

    Yes, there will be a reset stats and skills NPC that is located in Payon town. It will require you Magical Stones.
  12. Any Suggestions?

    This command has been added.
  13. Come on! Im all in!

    See you! I'm looking forward that you will be one of the winner.
  14. Any Suggestions?

    Hi, We like to make the server classic as much as possible, but somehow you have a point. I cannot assure you anything about your concern as of this moment but all GM will have to look on this and keep you posted. Thank you.
  15. Any Suggestions?

    I suggest trying the server first and see what it gives you. Thank you.