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  1. Dear Adventurers! Here's a quick and easy Guide for: • Freebies • Training Ground • Job Changer 1. After loading in-game, talk to Shion 2x to level up. 2. You can already see our Freebies NPC talk to him to claim your freebies. 3. After talking to our Freebies NPC, he will warp you inside the Castle. Talk to the Receptionist Simple put your In-Game Name then click OK. After that Just keep talking to him he will provide you items to grind your level later, and talking to him you'll gain EXP too. 4. After talking to the Receptionist he will warp you to another room. From here you'll just have to talk to The Helper at the left side, and to the Entrance Guard to the right side. Then the Guard will warp you to a field to grind more exp. You need 10+ base level and 10 job level. 5. After you reach lv10/10 talk to Hanson at the upper mid of the field. He will warp you inside. 6. Inside the room you can see Bruce, first talk to Bruce, and tell what job you want. After that Talk to the Test Examiner he will determine what job you are fit in. ( Don't worry after talking to him he will warp you to what job you wanted ) Take note that you can still choose what job you want. For more info about Job Change you can have a look at this website http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=60000 Please take note that you don't have to do the QUESTS to change your job. Just simply talk to your Job Changer and it will instantly change you to want Job you want!
  2. Server Update 1.18.18

    New Server Updates LEGENDARY RAGNAROK ONLINE ✓ Lottie Girl ✓ Upg Gold Maker ✓ Costume Hat Makaer ( Selected Headgear Only ) ✓ ESB/FESB => Light ESB/FESB ( White/Blue weight reduce to 3 ) ✓ Card Trader ( New usable/item ) ✓ New Quest Headgear ✓ New Cash Item ✓ Level goal reward ( Every new character )
  3. Guides for New Players: Basic Farm Areas

    You're Welcome! Happy to help
  4. Guides for New Players: Basic Farm Areas

    Drop rate of Witherless Rose are not modified, i'm sure it's 24k each + the Crystal Mirror it will be a pack when you try to farm Mavkas
  5. Expert Farm Areas There are many, many different areas you can venture into in order to make Zeny; not all are listed in this guide. This is just a sample so that new adventurers can benefit. Geffenia Required Class(es): Whitesmith Required Base Level: 90+ Monster(s) of Interest: Everything or ignore Violies and False Angels Best Hunting Maps: Geffenia 4 or 3~ 4 for Abysmal Knights, 3 for cash rage. Weaknesses: ATK + Holy Element Item(s) of Interest: Pretty much everything, this includes Curse Waters (from Violy and False Angel) and Royal Jellies. Gems are also nice but they are easy to obtain. Diamond Rings and Gold Rings are your direct zeny income. Bonus(es): Cards. This includes Abysmal Knight Cards, Incubus Cards, Succubus Cards, etc. Also the free Mastelas, Blue Potions and White Herbs. Might as well Cart Termination everything. 1 hitting Incubus and Succubus is possible and 2/3 hitting AK is possible too with Aspersio. But if you could kill Incubus and Succubus in 2 hits w/out Aspersio that's fair enough since gathering Holy Waters ain't good for lazy people. And don't forget you need Ice Pick or Giant Axe [1]. Ancient Mimics Required Class(es): Whitesmith Required Base Level: 90+ Required Gears/Stats: At least 90+ total STR, a +5 Diligent (Zipper Bear) Giant Axe [1], Porcellio Card Monster(s) of Interest: Ancient Mimic Best Hunting Maps: tha_t02 (80) Weakness: Not Exploitable Item(s) of Interest: Gold Ring, Gift Box, Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Freya's Shoes Bonus(es): Alice and Mimics, having good cards, are on this floor as well. The minimum requirements allow you to OHKO Ancient Mimics with Cart Termination without relying on Blessing. Having around 40 base Dex (and have 164 Hit to flawlessly hit these guys even with Maximize Power), decent ASPD (around 180), as well as 30-40 base Vit is optimal. MVPs Required Class(es): Champion; Paladin; Creator; Group Play Required Base Level: 90+ Monster(s) of Interest: Assassin Cross Eremes; Satan Maroc; Hard Rock Mammoth; Ifrit; Valkyrie Randgris; etc. Best Hunting Maps: Vary Weaknesses: Vary Item(s) of Interest: Ice Pick; Diabolus Set; Bone Head; Ring of Resonance; Ring of Flame Lord; Valkyrie Set; etc. These are just examples of items that MVPs may drop that are valued by the community. By defeating MVPs, you can acquire and monopolize these equipment, which can be especially valuable if properly refined. Obviously, it is an MVPers goal to acquire these items and either retain them for their own use, or to sell them for a huge profit. MVPs require equipment i.e. Abysmal Knight Cards to be killed effectively and efficiently. By having a stronger damage output, you can defeat these MVPs faster and easier, allowing for faster respawning and the chance of rarer items to be dropped - for you, hopefully!
  6. Intermediate Zeny Areas These areas require experience, skill, and equipment to hunt in. They are either very mobby maps or just tougher in comparison to the basic areas. It is important to understand the target monsters' weaknesses and to exploit them effectively, if possible. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for a player to profit in the following areas. Juperos Required Class(es): Whitesmith; Assassin Cross Required Base Level: 80+ Monster(s) of Interest: Venatu Best Hunting Maps: juperos_01 Weaknesses: Not Exploitable Item(s) of Interest: Crest Piece Bonus(es): Steel is interesting for crafting with Whitesmiths; Elunium is universally useful; Professional Cooking Kit is the 2nd-best Kit and easier to acquire than the Royal Cooking Kits; Venatu Card can be useful for AGI&LUK builds (i.e. Dodge Assassin) Juperos are difficult for two reasons: they don't take a lot of damage, and their elemental weaknesses are extremely hard to exploit. There are four different kinds of Venatus (target monster) on the map, and it's difficult to distinguish which is of which element, and it's very scroll-consuming to have to change to these new elements at every attack. It is also impossible to mob if you're trying to exploit these elemental weaknesses due to conflicting with other types of Venatus. If you have the right equipment i.e. high ATK and more damage to Medium-sized monsters, this area could be useful for making money in a short period of time; however, without the right build and equipment, it's too difficult for a novice to exploit the area and profit effectively. Nameless Island Required Class(es): TaeKwon (to solo); Creator; Group Play Required Base Level: 90+ Monster(s) of Interest: Banshee; Ragged Zombie Best Hunting Maps: abbey_01 (93 Banshee; 33 Ragged Zombie); abbey02 (70 Ragged Zombie) Weaknesses: ATK + Holy Element Item(s) of Interest: Wool Scarf; Tidal Shoes; Expert Ring [1]; Orlean's Gown [1]; Mes [3] Bonus(es): Flame Skull drops Black Leather Boot (useful when slotted); Flame Skull Card is a useful anti-status barrier The only effective and safe way of soloing Nameless Island is to have a high Flee- and high ATK-output Ranked TaeKwon with around 16,000HP and the right equipment and elemental armour to-boot. Banshee can't do anything against said TaeKwon and the damage output when Holy kicks are spammed allow for the 30k-HP monster to be killed in (on average) 3-4 seconds. It is also possible to mob with such a TaeKwon without requiring HP healing items; contrarily, you'll require SP items as you'll find that your SP will depleat extremely fast due to the amount of kicks required to kill the monsters. Creators are also effective here with the right equipment. Obviously, if you storm Nameless in a large party, it's extremely effective and will allow for better results over time (though you may have to share the spoils.)
  7. Basic Zeny Areas These are areas that a novice could go to with no equipment / basic equipment. They are accessible and reliable ways of acquiring money, though they may not be the most effective. The good thing about these areas is the scarceness of other players on the map, as well as the fact you can go there after leveling a bit and expect to profit. Desert Wolves Required Class(es): Whitesmith; Assassin Cross; TaeKwon - Whitesmiths have an advantage with their Pull Cart Skill (highly recommended) Required Base Level: 60+ Monster(s) of Interest: Desert Wolf Best Hunting Maps: ve_fild04 (60) Weaknesses: ATK + Water Element Item(s) of Interest: Stiletto [3]; Katar [2]; Mink Coat [1]; Desert Wolf Card Bonus(es): Rough Oridecon = Easy Pure Oridecons; Claw of Desert Wolf is a prerequisite for several different Headgear Quests. Gonryun Dungeon 01 Required Class: Sniper Required Base Level: 70+ Monster(s) of Interest: Zipper Bear; Enchanted Peach Tree Best Hunting Maps: gon_dun01 (30 Zipper Bear; 35 Enchanted Peach Tree) Weaknesses: ATK + Holy Element (Zipper Bear); ATK + Fire Element (Enchanted Peach Tree) Item(s) of Interest: Royal Jelly; Zipper Bear Card Bonus(es): Dead Branches and Old Blue Box appeal to some individuals; Black Bear Skin is used to create the TeddyBear Hat. As well, the dungeon is very close to the central Kafra in Gonryun; therefore, even if your Sniper becomes overweight, it is very easy to return to Gonryun and deposit the items into the Kafra, and then return to the dungeon itself. It's convenient, it's quick, and it's reliable. Wild Roses Required Class: Sniper Required Base Level: 60+ Monster(s) of Interest: Wild Rose Best Hunting Maps: gef_fild05 (50) Weaknesses: ATK + Earth Element Item(s) of Interest: Witherless Rose Wild Roses have been an easy method of money for a while. Long-Range is very important here - a Sniper can easily one-hit KO these fast-moving, passive enemies with a Double Strafing with the right equipment. Even lacking equipment, however, these cats are easy to kill, and they drop the coveted Witherless Rose (which, lucky for Snipers, weighs next to nothing!) High Flee is also important to avoid being critically damaged by their Sonic Blow; again, the Archer classes are perfect for this hunting environment. Mavkas Required Class: Sniper Required Base Level: 80+ Monster(s) of Interest: Mavka Best Hunting Maps: mosk_dun03 (15) Weaknesses: ATK + Fire Element Item(s) of Interest: Witherless Rose; Crystal Mirror Bonus(es): Blue Herbs are good SP-healing items that are also useful for Creators. Again, Witherless Roses and Crystal Mirrors weigh practically nothing and are therefore very Sniper-friendly. It is very important to have Fly Wings on this map due to the surrounding monsters' ability to spam Water Ball, instantly killing you. Mavkas also take some time to spawn, and this should be taken into account when calculating efficiency.
  8. New Updates 01.03.2018

    Here are the New Donate Headgears and Consumables!!!We added New NPC's in-game: • Card Trader NPC • Potion Trader NPC • Hunting Mission NPC and we update some NPC: • Telma/MvP Points = Badge • Quest NPC • Daily Spin • Reward Viewer • Vote NPC • New Donate Headgears and Consumables: New Quest items!!! you can check it at Quest NPC Server Update 1.2.2018 Added Events Treasure hunt event Poring Summon event Poring Cather event Poring Bomb event Hide and Seek event Dice Event
  9. Mission Quest NPC

    Mission Quest NPCIf you so choose, I can assign you a random Hunting Quest. Some are easier than others, but the rewards increase with difficulty.Mission Points are shared amongst all your Characters!Delay time is, too. You CAN'T take missions on multiple characters at once!You can start a quest every 6 hours.
  10. New Server Updates! 12-29-17

    New Server Updates! Fix some minor Bugs and Errors! • Ayothaya boat to Alberta spawn area fix • @changegm added on player command 5m fee • @refresh added on player command • @hominfo added on player command • Bravery Badge from MVP Point System increase the chance to 80% • Character Delete Instant + Email Fix • #main auto active in-game • Hunting Mission every 6 hours duration random mission reward Bravery Badge • Disabled any Bow on Poring Catcher Event Map • Disable Dual login on Dice Event Map • Bravery Armor/Weapon is now tradable • Food consume delay fix to 0 • Gigantic Majestic Goat is now tradable Thank you!
  11. New Server Updates! 12-26-17

    Dear Adventurers! We will having an server update tomorrow! Updates: • Vote for Points • Battleground • Battleground Rewards • MvP Point System • MvP Point Rewards • Fix the Bug on "Greed Skill"
  12. Any Suggestions?

    You're welcome Ma'am to help and spread healthy community in our server I'm willing to help! I don't want players to abuse and take advantage on everything in our server.
  13. Any Suggestions?

    -1 to @refresh not a good idea, 1st of all you can spam your skills by doing @refresh every time. Cooldown of skills will be meaningless.
  14. Any Suggestions?

    Just wondering what's with the "Mission Board"? I would like to suggest that every Mission you take at the Mission Board, has a cooldown to prevent the abuse of that feature.