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  1. This server can bot?

    Thank you for reporting, please give us a screenshot for us to verify plus the name of that suspected BOT.
  2. Hourly Ticket 5hour but only got 1

    Kindly post the whole photo including the Logo of LegendaryRO. Thank you!
  3. How do i get this stuff??

    Hi AeXz; 1st... you can check the Daily Calendar Reward by typing "@dreward". 2nd... The daily free spin is available every 24hrs. 3rd.. you can access Hourly shop by "@rewardshop" you can buy items using Reward Receipt that you get every one hour that you are logged in. Thank you and Enjoy.!
  4. The website indicate no problems, all the components are all in good condition and showing that you can MAP is online, Server is online and Character is online. but in game client says Failed to connect and my internet is working fine and stable. (P.S.) I also tried to troubleshoot in my part for to be aware and avoid giving me the reply on doing it. Thanks and Have a wonderful day.!
  5. Food " Bugged" 'Lvl.10

    Wait, what..? 10+ below only or "+10 and below? Please clarify, thank you!
  6. "Consecutive" Play timer

    It's been two week since I suggested this and it is really hard to stay Online with the same character for 12 hours just to have a Mithril coin.. I hope you can fix the program for the playtime to remain even when we change character and not login off.
  7. Please add some items on Card trade; Like.. AFB, BBG, etc. and kindly put some item that is also available in Rewardshop and Vote for points. Specially the MITHRIL COIN. Thank you!
  8. Food " Bugged" 'Lvl.10

    I read it more than three times just to understand the problem... to may it simple, The Level 10 food are cancel and disappeared every time the character died, well, I guess that an error too. lvl10 food should stay even when you die.. but the Lv9 below will surely be gone. As i know it.
  9. Forum Active

    I agree to this one or maybe those who are active here can get an additional points in game or something like a token of activeness. Forum is the best advertisement to a players who do not have a Legendary RO client yet and wants to see if the community is active before he use his Gigabyte on downloading this.
  10. WOE white & blue pots weight

    Keep it this way.. the more closes to classic the more enjoyable server we get. WOE is so much fun specially with this kind of twist and a balancing of the Blue pots and the white pots plus the item that you have, You can stack a Elite siege BOX if you feel like Elite siege pots is too much too handle.

    This is a good idea for burning a zenny in game but not a bad idea as the server keep it close to classic / official Ragnarok online, Burning zenny can have an alternative so I will disagree to this. -1.!
  12. Hey!

    Hello dear Patatepon, So you're the one whom i bought the shield. LOL! nice transaction the fella. Welcome to Legendary RO. Feel at Home.!
  13. Yo!

    Please, Kindly avoid a message like this as it looks like flagging a different server. #JustSaying.
  14. Im just gonna leave this here.

    Sure no trade but how about the dropping of item? I do love how * Jah Love * handle the concern and being active GM but if he cannot commit to it and want to be a player, then be it.. No more long messages.. this banning will be a peace of mind to all of the players who play fair. More Power to Legendary RO.!
  15. If I am not mistaken, The computation is just 10x Drop rate for W.Rose and the server drop rate is 100x. Correct me if i'm wrong.