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  2. Can't get the game to start :(

    Same problem, any solution? After patch and Gepard loading, the game don't run... i try this, but still not working (Sorry for my bad english, i'm chilean -LA-)
  3. This server can bot?

    Thank you for reporting, please give us a screenshot for us to verify plus the name of that suspected BOT.

    solved! please close the thread thanks!
  5. Just saw somebody using creator botting

    after i unzipped then i run the patch. but it stuck in saving resources
  7. Test

    Version 1.0.0


  8. Hourly Ticket 5hour but only got 1

    Kindly post the whole photo including the Logo of LegendaryRO. Thank you!
  9. Hi im New here

    This server got npc warper?????
  10. How do i get this stuff??

    How do I get the hourly reward? Need to talk to npc every hour or every hour will automatically get to ur beg?
  11. How do i get this stuff??

    Hi AeXz; 1st... you can check the Daily Calendar Reward by typing "@dreward". 2nd... The daily free spin is available every 24hrs. 3rd.. you can access Hourly shop by "@rewardshop" you can buy items using Reward Receipt that you get every one hour that you are logged in. Thank you and Enjoy.!
  12. Daily Calendar Reward System Daily Free Spin Reward System Hourly Shop - Check in-game
  13. Wing Extension <3

    Yes i know its just a costume
  14. Wing Extension <3

    The wing you mention its only costume no effect and not slotted
  15. Hello, we need to discuss this first then i will update this post asap
  16. Hi im New here

    Hope can enjoy the game
  17. Can't get the game to start :(

    run as admin, check compatibilty( right click, properties, compatibility check run in windows 8 and run as admin )
  18. Wing Extension <3

    oh...still hoping to have it <3 other color less effect if fine <3
  19. Wing Extension <3

    This wing is compensation to all pioneer who take the job quest, but we will add another freebies after the update
  20. Wing Extension <3

    Newbies requesting for extension of Wing as Freebie, for us to also enjoy the Freebies. Konti palang naman yung Player so its not a big deal naman siguro? Thank You
  21. Requesting for Star Gladiator Commands

    Also the Blindness of the Demon Skill Can you please disable it Thank You
  22. @feelreset & @hatredreset GM Please implement the Star Gladiator required command since this server is Mid Rate.
  23. Family hat

    Ok thank you for reporting
  24. Family hat

    hi i would like to report this family hat because it doesn't give the 2% max hp and sp thank you
  25. Can't get the game to start :(

    Hello please send an message on our Technical Support on Facebook Page Messenger https://www.facebook.com/lroserver/
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