1 Theta 165
2 Lucifierra 139
3 Son Goku 99
4 x B u b b l e s 93
5 khira 84

Server Features

Welcome to Legendary Ragnarok Online
You can enjoy to play LegendaryRO because lots of official costume item's via MVP Points or Unique Event's and quest You dont need to pay or donate to get item, you can make it for free just take a quest or collect mvp points We make this server for community not for profit, making new friend, and explore the game skill

Freebies - 1x Per Account ( Bounded )

 25x Free Ticket for Kafra Storage
 25x Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation
 15x Free Elite Siege Supply Box
 15x Kafra Card
 15x Angeling Potion
 15x Field Manual
 15x Bubble Gum
 1x Costume: LegendaryRO Flying Angel Wing
 1x Costume: Bubble Gum In Mouth
 1x Costume: Ancient Elven Ear

Server NPC Feature

 Max Lvl/Job: 99/70 - Trans
 Rate: x50/x50/x100 - 5% Any Drop Card - Disabled Mini & Boss Card
 Max Stats: 99
 Hourly Ticket System
 MVP Point System
 Daily Calendar Reward System
 Daily Free Spin Reward System
 Hourly Shop - Check in-game
 MVP Points Shop - Check in-game
 Mission Board
 Close to official classic server
 Official Job Changer
 Official Warper
 Official Quest Skill
 Official Quest Item

Server Security and Modified

 Anti Modified GRF/Client Protection
 Mini and Boss Card: Disabled
 @security - to ensure your account is safe from hacker
 Max Guild Member: 36
 Disabled Alliance
 Party Gap: 15
 Max Dual Login: 2
 Protected By Gepard Shield 2.0

Guild Package

 Choose Costume Headgear HERE
 25x Free Elite Siege Supply Box
 1x Emperium

Player Command


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